Lom Seč, Rudice - 25,3km


A very interesting and at the same time visited place is the Seč quarry. The quarry has an area of about 180x100m and a depth of 20-30m compared to the surroundings. The quarry mined sand, which contains different coloured materials (sands, sandstones, clays). The quarry thus alternates colors from white, to beige, to red, to brown, depending on how much iron is contained in the rock. The quarry has two bodies of water with an interesting beige colour. There's sand all over the water, so you feel like you're on the beach. For bathing only for adventurers, but for relaxing with a blanket is the perfect place. If you have children, take them some tools on the sand and they'll be thrilled....)

Source: https://www.janza.cz/galerie-lom-rudice