Punk cave - 25km


The Punk Caves are the most sought-after caves in the Moravian Karst - they are located two kilometers from Skalní Mlýn and are accessible through an entrance in the wall of the Pustý žleb karst canyon. They gained their popularity thanks to the fact that they allow visitors to reach the bottom of the Macocha abyss and at the same time take a romantic boat trip on the underground river Punkva. Punk caves are part of the longest cave system in the Czech Republic - Amatérské jeskyně. They were gradually discovered in the years 1909-1933 by an important group under the leadership of Karel Absolon. Their tour begins in the Front Dome, where visitors pass the Watchman, which is a 4-meter-long stalactite, then cross the bridge to the Mirror Lake, which reflects the Inverted Umbrella, the Two Owls, the Castle on the Rock, or the Turkish Minaret. This is followed by an ascent to the Reichenbach Dome. The richly decorated stalagmite corridor continues to the Back Dome and then to the Hall of the Angel, a massive stalagmite of unique shapes. The tunnel passage will take you to the bottom of the Macocha abyss. You will be amazed by the monumental view of the 138.5m high rock walls. From the bottom of the Macocha chasm, a boat ride awaits visitors with a stop at the Masaryk Dome with its impressive stalactite decoration. The illuminated stalagnate Hus Column is the dominant feature. After a short but magical stop, it's already a bit back, into the daylight.

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