Lookout tower "Spešov" - 14km


Pilgrims will find a beautiful lookout tower at an altitude of 370 meters between Blansk and Boskovice. The Spešovská lookout tower was built from wood in 2012. The lookout tower reflects the traditions of carpentry and metalwork and also bears the municipal coat of arms, in addition, there are sculptures of three local notables - the Czech linguist František Trávníček, the journalist and diplomat Bohdan Pavlů and the writer Madla Vaculíková - located right below it. The lookout tower is freely accessible and a yellow-marked tourist route leads here from Spešov. It is possible to park the car, for example, at the local swimming pool, which will certainly come in handy especially on hot summer days.

Zdroj: https://egeon.cz/cile/1202/spesovska-rozhledna