The Balcarka Cave - 27km


The Balcarka cave is located south of the Island at Macocha, in the northeastern part of the Moravský kras CHKO, in the core of the rocky meander of the Dry Gorge called Balcarova rock. The five-metre-high entrance to the Balcarky cave has been known since time immemorial, with the discovery of fireplaces and various tools from the earlier Stone Age and the bones of quarter-mountain animals. From 1923 the cave was gradually discovered by Josef Shamalik, in 1936 the parts of the cave were connected into one unit. The caves form an intricate system, rising at two high levels connected by high domes. The cave was formed by the waters of Lopac and Krasov creek, whose dives are now located north and south of the cave. The cave is operated by the Cave Administration of the Czech Republic with opening hours from March to November. Since November 2007 it has been under reconstruction, for which the cave was closed, since July 4, 2009 Balcarka has been reopened. The Dome of Doom and the Dome of Foch are some of the largest spaces in the Moray Karst. The stalactite decoration is one of the most beautiful of the public accessible Czech caves. Significant parts of the cave are in addition to the Rotunda domes, the Gallery, the Cinderella and the Jubilee Domes of The Czech Republic.