"Vírský mlýnek" - 31,5km 


n the village of Vortex there used to be so-called 30 years ago. Navratilova's grinder. It was a move placed on Rovechina Creek and contained some seventy carved figurines, which were driven by a jet of water and moved in different ways (cutting, dancing, nailing a nail ...). The original Vortex Mill was probably decades in the making that its contractor, Vincenc Navratil, first built a simple grinder on Rovečín Creek, then added a number of figurines, the number of which he gradually expanded until the mill's power was no longer sufficient. Then he built a larger power unit and further expanded the number of pieces. After the contractor's death, the mill was donated by his heirs to the Horace Museum in Nový Město na Moravě. The village of Vortex had a replica of Navratilova's grinder made in 2007. A mechanism has been built near the Bystřice River, which is powered by water power, and is composed of about two dozen figures that move. The Vortex mill can be found in the Vortex at the end of the Proud Vsi, to the right of the road on the Bystřice nad Pernštejn.

Source: https://www.virvudolisvratky.cz/obec-vir/virsky-mlynek/